Research Projects

Total Research Projects National and international= 12 

11 as Principal Investigator and only 1 as Co Principal Investigator(Worth Rs 6 crores)

12.2022:INUP  IITBOMBAY Indian Nanotechnology User Programme (INUP) IIT Bombay -Principal Investigator: “High pressure lab-on-a-chip microfluidic microalgal photobioreactor (HPLOC-MMPBR) to harvest value-added products, Pid:P255823620_1

11.2021: Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, INDIA:Multifunctional peptide conjugates (MPCs)assisted drug formulations: Promising therapeutics for multifarious medical application. as COPI, Amount:INR5372400


10. 2020: CEFIPRA (IARDP) INDO – FRANCE COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAMME -Principal Investigator: Recently selected worth Rs ~3 crores titled “Commercial pigment production BY microalgae : A NEW STEP TOWARDS BIOTECH PROCESS” Amount: INRINR 7680260 and 51.395 EURO’s

9. 2016-2021: DST- NANOMISSION-Principal Investigator: “Construction of Diatoms solar panels for biofuel production” . Number SR/NM/NT-1090/2014(G) 75 lakhs, 2016.

8. 2017-2018: National center for Photovoltaic research and education NCPRE, PHOTO VOLTAIC USERS MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (PUMP), IIT BombayPrincipal Investigator: “Fabrication and characterization of metabolically engineered diatoms (MED) into Dye Sensitized Solar Cell for oil production without cell lysis” at INUP IIT Bombay, Pid:P131581281_1

7. 2016-2017: Indian Nanotechnology User Programme (INUP) IIT Bombay -Principal Investigator: “Fabrication of resonating Microfluidic chamber for biofuel production” at INUP IIT Bombay, Pid: P989423752/2016

6. 2015-2017: ERASMUS+ Programme with University Le Mans, France-Principal Investigator: (in collaboration with Prof Benoit Schoefs).2015-2017.Cost: 1800 EUROS

5. 2010-2015: Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India -Principal Investigator: research project costing Rs. 42 lacs titled “PCR markers for diatoms to link death due to drowning.” BT/PR14134/BRB/10/816/2010.

4. 2014-2016: UGC-BSR-START UP -Principal Investigator: “Molecular identification of some forensically important insects: a pilot study. No.F.30-  12/2014(BSR) date 22.07.2014 Costing Rs 6.00 lakhs

3. 2008-2011: Department of Science and Technology Sponsored Project(DST), Haryana Council of Science and Technology, India-Principal Investigator: “Morphological study of diatoms in different periods of the year in water bodies of Haryana in relation to the cause of death in drowning cases.” Costing Rs4.68 lakhs. DST,HSCST 799/10/07/08.

Completed Independent Course-workshops

2. Course Coordinator of GIAN -Principal Investigator: (Global Initiative of Academic and Networking Ministry of Human Resources and Education, Govt of India) on “Microalga as renewable high value compounds” with Foreign Faculty Prof. Benoit Schoefs, School of Science and Technology from University Le Mans, France. Nov 22-27th 2016.

1. Course Coordinator of Workshop on Funding in Life Sciences and Health Care -Principal Investigator: , Resource Person Dr Ramjee Pallela, Chief Manager, IKP, Park(BIG, BIRAC), Hyderabad on 25.01.2017-20162015–2017-